Sierra Nevada

Andalusia, Spain Film : Provia 100F                     < Back


Coastline of Portugal                     < Back

Untitled II

Ellertshaar, Netherlands Film : Ektar 100           < Back


Film : Ilford Delta / FP4                       < Back


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Leave behind the harbour Film : Ektachrome 160T expired                     < Back

Arrival / Alone

Thar Desert, India Between the grains of sand and stars                     < Back

In Transit

Rajasthan, India Be it on the train or on the road, travelling in India is a constant reminder that nothing ever stops. And when your undivided attention is present, everything comes to life.                   < Back    

Shadows of Fall

Autumn in Dharamsala             – ⌜ When the sun came around And the skylight ahead You and I both felt That only tired eyes were met And a moment’s only wasted We’ll never be the same I recall the moment of stone I remember all the shadows of fall I […]

Malana Village

Himachal Pradesh, India   Situated on a remote plateau by the Malana river and valley, Malana is an ancient village with an intense culture and is known for its world famous hashish, the Malana Cream. It is made entirely by hand and it is the main income for the Malanis. Arriving in late October, we […]

Winds of Change

Manali & Parvati Valley, India                         < Back   


  Mystical Ruins                     Beginnings               < Back  


adjective; relating to a transitional stage of a process, in-between                   < Back