Viet Nam 🇻🇳


Halong Bay

There’s a horizon that is always in sight Film : Ektar 100                       Vietnam 🇻🇳 :  


A surreal return to an alluring place – Sapa’s real charm lies in its surrounding countryside of cascading rice terraces and ethnic minority villages. While the burgeoning developments in town present the hill tribes an opportunity for connection, it ironically abandons the simpler life. Film : Tri-X 800, Portra 400, Ektar 100         […]

Ninh Binh

Haze of nostalgic bliss Film : Acros 100                                 Vietnam 🇻🇳 :


Monochrome highlights of the obscured simplicity in the capital. Film : Tri-X 400/800                                                               Vietnam 🇻🇳 :    



Ha Giang

Embarking on a road trip in Hà Giang province during the Tết holiday (Vietnamese New Year) was remarkably noteworthy. As the northernmost province of Vietnam, Hà Giang retains its rich culture in this mountainous topography, consisting of over twenty different ethnic minorities, and a wide variety of native languages. Our two-wheel journey began from Hà Giang, […]

Phu Quoc

    Located off the coast of Cambodia, Phú Quốc is a Vietnamese island that redefines blue hour. With fishing villages and dramatic seascapes islandwide, there are no shortage of exploration opportunities along the entire coast of the island, either on two wheels or two feet. Perhaps the most memorable moments were the cool and quiet morning […]

Hoi An

  A quaint old town   Probably most notable for its yellow walls, ceramic tiled roofs and narrow alleys, Hội An goes a long way back. It was a major trading port in Asia up until the end of the 18th century and had remained largely unchanged, even unscathed by the country’s war. A walk in this ancient town does […]

Highway 6

QL6 roadtrip    The national highway 6 of Vietnam, simply known as QL6, is the main road connecting Hanoi to the northwest region of the country, featuring mountain passes and towns and villages alike. Transportation, small businesses and even homes are directly affiliated to and affected by the conditions of the highway. During the approximate 190km passage […]